Peas and bees

On Wednesdays I volunteer at the community garden at our local soup kitchen. Today the bees swarmed.​ Here I am checking them out. This afternoon I checked on our garden and found the peas have recovered from the heat.


I'm always looking for a good trade and I managed to find a good one the other day.  Every week I'll get a metal trashcan full of grass clippings (no pesticides and lots of weeds) in exchange for a half dozen eggs. And since I'm no longer getting half shelled eggs. It's 4-6 good full … Continue reading Trade

Garlic harvest

Finally harvested the garlic (both late an early depending on the logic applied). Garlic is one of the easiest things to stop buying commercially (seed garlic or store garlic). Once you start saving garlic that produces well for you, you've taken the first steps towards a landrace garlic that is ideal for your micro clime. … Continue reading Garlic harvest

Henry Penny?

I'm not in the habit of naming my chickens (ignoring the first batch), but in the past we've called our Maran hens Carol (after the Walking Dead Character- since I wrung the neck on an ill one and two mornings later she was back!). But several of my current girls are either not quality Marans … Continue reading Henry Penny?