Updates and funerals

Spinning has been happening. Not on the Louet- my temporary crowns have been bothering me so I've been going the easy route and just using the Ashford. Up to 70 hours of spinning this year. Susie died a little over a week ago. Usually I'm done with my role after the body is picked up, … Continue reading Updates and funerals


Scotch vs Irish

No, not an identity issue but a spinning wheel issue. My Ashford is a Scotch tension so I'm most used to that- I've used it for 5 or so years. My Louet is an Irish tension, I'm hopeless with that right now. Check back with me in a year? Any tips as to how to … Continue reading Scotch vs Irish

Spinning update

I've been doing well on my spinning goal- especially when you consider that winter wasn't ever really here. 62.25 hours of spinning (at least- technology and I haven't been good together recently) 15.5 hours of plying I've started negotiating for alpaca fleeces from the same person I got/bought from last year. JoAnne of Bridle Valley … Continue reading Spinning update


While we never really got winter here in Colorado I can officially say spring is here. Why? Because I got two eggs from the hens today (and I do no supplemental lighting). It will be so nice to have eggs again.

Unicorn Poo

I started on the Unicorn Poo fiber blend today. It's a gift for a friend- I'd never pick this fiber for myself. She wants this as a three ply yarn. I've got a single bobbin done so far.