Where we start our journey

Most blogs about living local, buying local, focus on what they didn’t get to buy or have over the year; or so their blog covered.  Instead shouldn’t we focus on the neat things we have around us? The local businesses and resources?

Durango, Colorado is a fairly defined area with a growing local community. One of the more visible portions of this is the “Be Local Coupon Book” which comes out each November and is good for one year. While it is a coupon book you pay for (rather like the Chinook Book in Seattle), even if you only cash in on the BOGO beer coupons you should end up ahead.

Each year I’ve bought the book with the firm intention of using as many of the coupons as possible, keeping track of the places tried while diversifying where I spend my money; it really never seems to work out the way I intend. I’ll be good about using the Book for a few months, then it rides around in my bag for the rest of the year until October comes around and I start using it with intent (In the past two weeks I’ve used three coupons which is more than I used in the previous three months).

This year will be the Year of the Coupon Book, with the goal being to at least talk with each of the businesses in the book- the ones with coupons and the ones without. If they have a coupon that it makes sense for us to use (we’re not traditional homeowners and won’t be buying a home soon so the mortgage coupon is out of the question) then I’ll do my best to use the coupon and let you know how it went.

I’m really interested in finding out what portion of our spending I can move to local, here using the designation of local being a company within La Plata County that is owned by people in La Plata County (so a franchised business may count even if it wouldn’t be able to advertise in the “Be Local”), Colorado local will be from a company within Colorado and USA will indicate made in the USA. It will be ideal to not buy anything made with products from overseas, but some things might not be feasible. Sorry, I’m not going to give up my locally roasted single source coffee from Desert Sun for coffee bought in a big box store from Hawaii.

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