Microeconomics, they aren’t nearly as boring as you might think

I’d like to say that I buy local whenever I can, reality of course isn’t the same as intent. I’m looking into the microeconomics of my household.

The last hour I’ve spent importing all the expenses that I’ve incurred over the last five months (July 1st  to Nov 24 2014) using one of my debit cards and I can tell you that 50.07% of my spending has been at a local business. This is actually much better than I anticipated, I’d assumed around a 25% local spending rate.

I decided to include the date to current, even though that includes the purchase of the #BeLocalCoupon Book and the use of 5 coupons.  For us the #BeLocalCoupons have already paid for themselves. The math for that is as follows.

The Book costs 18$ plus tax, so about 20$ spent at Maria’s Bookstore on Main Street on Thursday Nov 20th.

On Saturday I used the “Free 16oz Espresso Drink” coupon to start my day, about 5$ saved after taxes. My riddle wasn’t very good, but Steaming Bean still had a sense of humor and gave it to me.

After work lunch at Brew using a coupon saved another 4$ off the total bill. Great lunch by the way, good portions for sharing. Then a quick stop at Eno for a snack and a glass of wine before heading home, 4$ saved bringing the total savings for the day to 14$.

Arguably these are expenditures I’d have made at these places anyway, so it is a true savings not a purchase that I wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Sunday we had to come into town to use the internet so using a coupon seemed in order. This time we decided to try a new place, GrassBurger being the choice. We each had a burger, very good quality and used the coupon for a free side of fries (2.5$). The fries ended up being just the right size to share. Ska beer of course to go with lunch.

Finally before leaving town we decided on dinner at Ken & Sue’s. They have had the same coupons for a few years now, indeed they are very generous in that you can use all three in one meal if you’d like, a free drink, a free appetizer or a free dessert.  The choice was for the free appetizer, saving 9$ bringing the total savings amount to 25.50$.

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