Black Friday vs small business Saturday

When did Thanksgiving turn into a shopping holiday? A race towards buying electronics at the cheapest price at expense of family meals?
While I admit I did go shopping on Thanksgiving, it wasn’t intentional and it was for regular groceries. By the time we’d gotten to town I’d already forgot the holiday and was confused about the lack of shoppers at the store. We did manage to find the one restaurant on main that was open (The Office) and had a few warm drinks. No #BeLocalCoupon but still a local business.

On Friday I don’t think we spent any money. But we did have some lovely hot toddies made with Colorado made whiskey that we’d bought using a #BeLocalCoupon. Double local points?
Today is what has been branded as small business Saturday, while I like the idea I find it odd that one of the major marketers of it is American Express. American Express isn’t what I’d count as a small business proponent, but I guess most small businesses use some form of credit card system.

During the day we’ll spend money at mainly local businesses but I don’t know that we’ll be doing much gift buying. Coffee and breakfast at the Irish Embassy (probably where we spend the largest amount of our drinking and dining dollars), lunch is to be decided after work, then a trip up to Trimble Hot Springs to warm up before heading home for the day.
Is it really important to buy cheap gifts in November to give in December? Or is it important to spend our money locally all the time?


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