So, the Be Local Coupon book has been in my hands for a month and two days.

I’ve used a number of coupons, here’s the savings so far.

81801 Coffee House and Roaster: 2$ saved on a bag of coffee

Brew Pub and Kitchen: 3$ saved on food and drink

Carver’s Brewing Company: 5$ saved on beer

CJ’s Diner: 45 cents saved on breakfast (and I got called a sissy for ordering water without ice, I was humored).

Durango Coffee Company: 4.5$ saved for a stranger (buy one get one coffee and I didn’t need two coffees)

Eno: 6$ saved on wine

Fired up Pizza: 13$ saved on pizza

Grassburger: 2.5$ saved on French fries

The Irish Embassy Pub: 5$ saved on breakfast

Ken &Sue’s: 7$ saved on a martini

River Liquors: 5$ saved on whiskey (very tasty whiskey)

Ska Brewing Co: 5$ saved on beer

The Container Restaurant at Ska: 2$ (I think, it could have been more, did you notice there is beer involved?)

Steaming Bean Coffee Co: 4.5$ saved on a coffee drink

Steaming Bean Coffee Co: 4$ saved on beer (hum, beer again)

Kroegers Ace Hardware: 4$ on woodstove stuff

Kroegers Ace Hardware: 8$ on more woodstove stuff

Pet Haus: 2$ saved on cat food

Wagon Wheel Liquors: 2$ on whiskey (Colorado made whiskey)

The Wine Merchant: 6$ on wine

Total savings:


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