New Years!

One reason I’ve decided to blog is that maybe this way I’ll actually spend more attention to my local economy. While my focus so far has been mainly on the , it certainly isn’t the only thing I’d like to look at this year.

Maybe the reason local economy is so interesting to me is that my parents have been running a local business together for the last 22 years (they’ve been married for 25…). Local spending is what allowed me to go to college and I certainly remember times when the Shop didn’t make much money because others were out of work.

I’ve grown up with small business owners, and I’d like to think I understand them. But in reality I probably don’t understand them because I grew up in a small business.

I live in a small(ish) community, under 17,000 people in city limits but we’ve got a vibrant economy that I can’t say is just because of the College or the Mountian. A great deal of the attraction of Durango is that we’ve got a business for everyone (and a beer for everyone).

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