Ideal Reader

While the assignment is to write to our ‘dream reader’, I’d rather write towards my ideal reader. Maybe it is because there are few ‘dreamy’ local economists and even fewer localists who are actually economy blog readers.

My ideal reader would be someone with an understanding or a desire to understand micro and macro econ, boring subjects on the surface but an understanding of them helps you decide where and how to spend your money based on your own morals (your personal decision to spend locally is an example of micro econ). My reader would be someone who either wants to spend more money locally, or wants to understand why people spend locally.

My personal decision to focus my local spending this year on the La Plata County Be Local Coupon Book is less of a desire to spend more locally (I already spend about 60% of my income locally- even with a phone bill of 200$ going directly out of town) and more of a desire to find new businesses and experiences in my area. Who knew that Durango had a company that ran dog sledding tours? I certainly didn’t. While I did know we’ve got 6 craft breweries, I normally only go to two of them (SKA for almost all of my canned/bottled beer drinking needs, and Carver’s for my breakfast, bloody Mary’s and beer by the growler needs). These are micro econ choices that I make, granted it would be difficult for me to make macro econ choices unless I win the lotto.

The thing about many local economy studies that I don’t like is the focus on events/festivals and their economic impact, they don’t generally look at the effect of the average area resident buying their eggs from the farmer’s market instead of WalMart. These spending choices are the ones that really make for a vibrant community, having events and festivals is nice and easy to market and track but they aren’t the only way to get money to circulate in the community.


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