Is there such thing as ridiculously local?

Here’s a bit of a confession, while I want to live locally, I don’t want to sacrifice my quality of life. I’m also aware that there is probably such thing as ridiculously local. I’m sure I’ve crossed this line a number of times over my life time, below are a few highlights (or lowlights…)

Disclaimer, when I live in Portland, OR I was not considered a hippy or eco-aware. When I moved to SW Colorado, I magically because a raging hippy and bizarrely eco-aware- just by virtue of moving 1,500 miles not because I changed any behavior.

Moments of reasonable local:

  • Having chickens in the backyard and trading the neighbors eggs for their silence.
  • Going to the farmers market every weekend and talking to my famers.
  • Buying local beer and going to local events.
  • Getting to know my local butcher.
  • Composting everything (or feeding it to the chickens).
  • Joining a Time Bank.

Ridiculously local:

  • Evaporating my own sea salt (This was living in Port Townsend, WA- so probably not that strange there, but in retrospect….).
  • Getting turkeys (4 turkeys to go with my 19 chickens) so that I would know exactly where my holiday meal came from (a touch Portlandia, in Colorado).
  • Brewing my own wine (you could peel paint with it, but it was very local. Foraged blackberries, well water and time).
  • Learning to spin (okay this wouldn’t be as odd if I actually knew or wanted to know how to knit).
  • Touring my local butcher’s processing plant.
  • Melting snow for turkeys and chickens to drink instead of using bought water (I have to buy my drinking water by the gallon- no running water).

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