Local help

Yesterday was a busy day for me, but our story starts before then.
I’m a life time Girl Scout, but no kids and little time to be a troop leader. So instead I help arrange Cookie Sales, I’m way better at organization on projects than on people and reoccurring meetings.
Cookies we’re supposed to come to a warehouse (big corporation) we’ve used in the past, but someone else set it up this year instead of our usual person.
Tuesday at 10am, I got a call telling me that the cookies would be in after dropping off in Bayfield at 8am. I was a bit grumpy since I was supposed to get first drop off (forklifts and such at my site). I called my site and was told that if they showed up after 11 am it wasn’t going to work- having done this before I knew that if the truck came by 11 it would be amazing.
And so I spent the next hour on the phone, I called the delivery company, council, the drop off site and tried to make them see it in the original plan. No luck, so I told the drop off site I’d get a different site.
I thought a bit, who did I know with a sense of humor, a warehouse in town and someone able to do it on short notice. Only a local brewery would fit that bill! I called Ska Brewing, talked with a friend who I used to play softball with who’s some sort of warehouse manager for him and he said okay.
Thursday morning the cookies didn’t make it to Durango until 12:30. But we backed up the semi and started unloading. 1,500 cases of cookies into a Craft Brewery warehouse. When I asked if I could get in later to get one order out, they said not a problem. When I asked in Saturday am I could have 15 volunteers in from 9:30 to 11:30, no problem. And a quick lesson on how to use a pallet jack? No problem. I did leave them a case of Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs for their troubles.
Saturday morning! 9:30 am we started breaking down pallets into troop orders. Chaos, and I found out Justin didn’t actually really ask for permission or let anyone know we would be using the warehouse.
Only a local business would do all this for free on short notice AND give us free beer tokens!

Again a huge shout out to Ska Brewing of Durango.


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