Predators and local food

Predators are a part of living, and of dying. They are one of the things that you just have to deal with if you have animals that live outside.
Last night the last turkey was eaten by a predator, most likely a bobcat. And I’m upset about it, I’d hoped to use these hens to start my turkey flock which was going to be my first ‘real’ farm venture- and instead I have a few puffs of feathers and some anger.
Of course this is a natural thing, we have wild turkeys around here and my turkeys were never good about roosting in a coop, but it still bugs me that my organic free range turkeys didn’t help out my wallet.
Does it bug me enough to ask Department of Wildlife to trap the predator? No, but I’ll probably get a new game/trail camera and find out for sure what is creeping around the coop. Then I’ll get the rock salt shotgun shells and shoot the damn thing!

Or when I have some money and a NEW predator proof turkey pen, I’ll get baby turkeys and try again. Isn’t that the optimism of small scale farming?

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