Turkeys, next installment

When I got home this afternoon, I heard the oddest noise I’ve heard in the woods in a while. I, of course, still in work clothes decided I had to follow this sound to its source!
At first I thought it sounded like a seagull, but this is Colorado and Navajo Lake is much too far away for seagulls to come to our place.
Then as I approached one of the property lines, I thought maybe it was a dog. Most of the neighbors have dogs, I refer to them as Dog (also known as Hopi who’s dad is Mike at the end of the road), Fat Dog and Really Fat Dog (they live at the house with chickens who free range) and then there is Damn Dog (who lives about a half mile down the road but likes to run AT the driver’s window and chase the car), and all these dogs run around. Most everyone has 40 or more acres, the average lot is .15 miles across and .5 miles long so lots of space. Even more space when you realize that only four families live on our .5 miles road.
When I crossed the property line I realized that this was an empty lot, no one lives on it but in a super creepy way it wasn’t totally empty. An abandoned car and piles of junk wasn’t very comforting to see (ps watching the Walking Dead doesn’t help), but the super freaky part was the leg and snare traps that I saw hanging in the trees. Granted nothing in them, but it made me really think it could be one of the neighbor dogs in a trap. Of course at this point I finally think about the fact that I don’t have a gun, or anything just my cell phone and car keys with me, so I head directly towards the road.
On the road I realized that the sound was on the canyon side and continue to follow it. As I get near a well pad my brain goes into overdrive, what if I’m hearing bear cubs? *panic mode*
As I get closer to the noise I notice boot prints, now I’m thinking bear cubs and a dead mama bear that a poacher shot. Did I mention the panic mode?
And then at the edge of the well site I spot something that doesn’t belong, no not bear cubs, not a dog, not any wild animal. But a hunter.

He was making all that racket and I just waved and asked him not to shoot a white turkey if he saw one- that it was mine. He waved and I walked home grumbling about bad calls and weird neighbors.
I got home and someone walks up the drive (not the path, so someone we don’t know). Turns out the neighbor kid was who I saw, they’ve been losing livestock too so he was using a coyote call (the horrible noise) and was going to do some hunting.
He apologized for the noise, said he found one of my turkeys dead and the other was at their place, and headed home. I hope he does well!

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