Coupon Usage- only the ones I can remember using recently.

Yesterday I saved 29.95$ using one of my #BeLocalCoupons, and saved my sanity at the same time.  We haven’t had internet at work, and while our local coffee shops make great coffee they don’t all have great internet, so I went down to DurangoSpace (a coworking space owned by someone I used to work with) and worked there yesterday.

I also saved 10$ last week and used my coupon to get a parking card, we have meters and some of them take coins, some take cards and they all take these parking cards. It took me a while to learn to use it correctly, but after a lesson from the Director of Parking at a meeting I know how to use it. I even managed to use it correctly yesterday in one of the non-standard meters.

I just finished using a gift card (bonus points to Durango Coffee Company for collecting emptied cards for reuse) that I got by using a coupon. I have a really poor record with regular glass French presses, so I have one (now two) that is stainless steel. One is for coffee and one for tea, the coffee smell  just doesn’t leave the coffee one making the tea taste like coffee. The new press holds 32 oz of tea, which is great but it cost 120$ after tax. Of course being stainless steel that unless I loose it, I won’t need to buy a new one ever (I’ve broken the glass in 3?). By buying my press at Durango Coffee Company and using the coupon (spending over 100$) I got the gift card with 20$ on it.

The gift card probably won’t change my long term buying habits, I’m reasonably set on my coffee shop of choice. But the reason they do the gift card is so that hopefully you shift at least some of your coffee/kitchen supply purchasing to them as a result of building the habit of coming in to use the gift card.

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