Cars and local economy

I have to say the local business that I probably spend the most with is my car guy (Jeremy at Auto Pro), of course some of this is because I choose to drive a ’68 VW beetle 250 miles a week.

Most people seem to think the car guy is always out to get you, I’m not sure that is usually the case,  and I know it isn’t the case with Jeremy. Why you ask would I trust him?  Mainly because I know him, and his wife and the other tech in the shop. He’s honest with me about what Marjie (the VW) needs now to keep her/me safe and what can wait. He also tells me what I can do to fix Marjie myself (although I think he realized early on that I may have the capability to do it, I just won’t- have YOU ever tried to get under a VW…. it’s maybe 6 inches off the ground).

Case example: Marjie has this horrible habit of slipping her throttle cable, first few times we had her towed in. Jeremy could have charged us, but instead he fixed it a few times. Then I think he got sick of fixing that particular problem, so he showed me how to do it instead. On the way home yesterday Marjie did it again, but not quite, she’d broken the cable this time. Long involved story and we made it to the shop in time for Jeremy to confirm what happened and to tell me how to fix it, once the cable comes in that is.

Of course part of the reason this works is that Marjie is a car I can actually work on (VW’s may need constant small care, but you can do it all yourself if you want to, and they can run forever if you do the care).

I’ve brought the shop in lunch, they keep a spare key to Marjie at the shop. I bring them cookies, they let me store my VW bus at the shop until I can afford to fix it (someday).

Marjie at Tillamook

4 thoughts on “Cars and local economy

  1. I absolutely love VW;s I had a beetle it was red oh how I miss my beetle. Even though it had no heat ( I could have fixed that) and it was standard (which I loved). I always think about getting another one but it seems a bit expensive for me know. We have always (no matter where we move) made an effort to deal with local business. It is nice when you have a good relationship and we have been lucky that way.


    • Oh, the chronic no heat problem. It really does make for cold mornings, even after 20 miles it is still cold in the car!
      VW’s do need lots of love to get them up and running, but generally once they are up and running you can keep them that way.

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  2. All the best to Marjie. I wish her a speedy recovery. My first car was a VW Rabbit which I named Thumper. It was an especially fitting name while I was learning to drive stick with him. :o)


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