A Very Local Meal

Some days I deliberately look for local products to make into dinner, other days it just works out that way.

Last week I had one of those meals, I had my heart set on Sunnyside Meats Beer Brats, so that means a stop at Nature’s Oasis. Those beer brats are made from local pigs (well local in terms of being from Colorado) and the beer is made at Ska, the processing plant is just a few miles from town and they are sold in town. Of course to go with brats, you need buns and since I was already at Nature’s Oasis that meant Serious Delights buns (Nature’s Oasis has several businesses inside of it providing the butcher shop, the bakery and arguably the liquor store as well) to go with.

For dessert I decided that since it was unseasonably warm (this was last week, this week the daytime high has been 30) it was time for a root beer float. The ice cream I picked out was from Cream Bean, a new local creamery that got its jump from small stand to storefront via a Kickstarter, because well I hadn’t tried it yet.

The root beer I decided must be from Zuberfizz, also a local company that makes very tasty sodas. That meant going next door to the liquor store, but that really just means going through an inside door into another portion of the main building.

By the time I got home, the ice cream was melty so I stuck it in the last little bit of snow (no electricity also means no freezer) and started a fire.

Dinner ended up being local brats on local buns over a local fire, right now the condiments that I have aren’t local but when they are out I’ll see about buying something locally produced and dessert was delicious, even if the amazingly eco friendly ice cream packaging froze to the snow and had to be chipped out.

6 thoughts on “A Very Local Meal

  1. We love to shop from local farmers (like the Farmer’s Markets) or small store owners whenever possible as well. As you were describing the items you bought and the names of the places you purchased them, it reminded me of things (stores and breweries) we found in Moab, UT…but you seem to be from Colorado.
    Yes, anything homespun, grass-roots are appealing to my husband and I.
    We actually like to do our own gardening and also have acquired two very different ice cream makers this year, gifts, and are making our own…healthy ingredient, ice creams now.
    As a kid, my mother made home-made root beer and I acquired her supplies but have yet to make it!
    Great post, and…it made me hungry!


    • If you’d driven into Colorado from Moab, you’d have ended up in first Cortez and then Durango. We’re pretty close to Mesa Verde. Most people remember Durango for either the beer, the train, or the parking ticket (9$).

      Making root beer is fairly simple (just don’t forget it… as even the plastic bottles get a little strained from the pressure after too long in the back of the cupboard).


    • So far I’ve only used the kits that I got at the DIY brewers store, I just can’t drink large amounts of pop and as a result haven’t felt the need to try to get more authentic than that.

      It is a lot of fun to try, good science experiment with kids (or overly intoxicated college students) and it turned out way better than the wine (totally without a receipt and you could peel paint with it) but not as tasty as the beer.


      • I don’t see why not. You might need some sugar as the DIY kits use yeast/fermentation to get the fizzy, I’m not sure if stevia would have enough to support a yeast colony.

        A quick google, shows that there might be ways to make it work- If you try it. Let us know.


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