Snow and part one of the economy.

While I know the east coast would rather not get any more snow, but here in Colorado we need all the snow we can get.

For Durango snow is a huge part of our economy, in the winter people pay to play on it, in the summer we raft in it, all year round we drink it and of course it’s a big part of agriculture as well.

One of the other things snow does it helps make sure we’ve got enough moisture in the trees over the summer to hopefully slow or prevent a ‘burning year’. The summer before I moved back to Washington state was a burning year, evacuation plans and all. I know that living in the high desert means that burning years happen and they are natural, but I’d rather not have one this year.

The snow might be irritating but it’s better than no drinking water, fewer farmers, no skiing and no rafting.

And it’s snowing today. It’s been warm and dry the last month or so, and that is bad.

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