More snow, and more impacts

For folks on salary (not me) a snow day doesn’t really effect their paycheck amount, for those of us who are hourly a snow day does. I can do some (about 1/4) of my work remotely when I have both battery power and internet- something that sometimes means camping out at the neighbor’s house) and that is nice for me, but for most of my coworkers, a snow day means no pay at all. On average that is about 25% reduction in wages for the week as the location I work out of is only open four days a week.

Snow can have positive effects on the economy, but it can also have negative effects in the economy in terms of lost wages and productivity. Snow can slow the circulation of money down, I’m sure we’ll hear all about the long term effects of the huge snow storms the East Coast is recovering from for a while, and some local businesses will probably not recover at all.

It isn’t just lost wages that cause issues, when snow strikes in large amounts it can cause structural damage that cause long term economic effects. While it is good for the company who rebuilds the structure it is a negative for the person who can’t live/work/eat there until it is fixed, causing ripple effects through the economy long after the snow melts.

I’m sure right now there are a bunch of folks in the snow removal business who are doing happy dances, I for one would do a happy dance to see a plow down my road but that probably isn’t going to happen for another day or so.

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