15 Gallons

I’ve been snowed in since last week and since snowed in means no electricity it also means no internet- sorry for the posting gap.

15 gallons of potable water is the most I ever have on hand, why? Because I don’t have a cistern and I don’t have a well (not uncommon in this area). This amount of water means that while I have plenty of drinking water, I don’t waste much and in some cases get a little creative to get non potable water.

The hyper local thing that is possible right now for the non potable water is snow melt. What do I use that water for? Watering the chickens, washing dishes, and some times even washing me. It’s a process to get enough water but it makes me very grateful for the 15 gallons of potable water I have.

Snow melting means chopping wood, starting a fire outside, shoveling enough snow to fill the metal washtub, melting the snow, refilling the tub and then doing what I need. Of course using biodegradable soap is necessary, as when the water is dirty I pour it right back where I got it, a very short term loan.

In the summer, during monsoon season I break the law a little and harvest some rain water for the non potable water needs I have. When I get a garden going this summer I’ll use that water to water my plants and add the water right back where it would have gone- a short detour.

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