Six breweries and counting

Durangoans often joke about the number of breweries we have, and for a town of our size we have a lot of them. We’ve got Carver’s, Ska (regional craft brewery), Steamworks, Durango Brewing Company, Brew, and now Animas Brewing Company. And I feel like we can’t forget the Bootleggers Society (when multiple local breweries get together and make a special beer, they use the Bootleggers Society brand).

I recently tried out the newest of our breweries, Animas Brewing Company, even without a Be Local Coupon, because sometimes having a beer is just something nice and every brewery does things a little different. I liked my beer choices at Animas Brewing Company, but was really excited about the food. They had a selection of pasties which are a lovely mix of fillings (potato, leek, cheese and a touch of meat being very common) with a crust on the outside- I grew up calling these hand-pies.

As I ate my pasty and drank my beer, I noticed that they were the 6th brewery in town and that got me thinking about the other things we have going on here.

Of course we’ve got micro brew beer, but we also have Zuberfizz making soda pop (he was actually going to start a brewery and had all the gear before deciding we had enough breweries), we also have some wineries close to town (one being in town called Four Leaves Winery), we also now have a distillery in town making vodka and soon to be whiskey. Not far away we have Montonya Rums, and Grand Junction has Peach Street Distillery.

So far the segment of the brewing world that we’re missing is a cidery, and I really miss a good cider. Port Townsend area is covered in micro cideries and I hope some day Durango area has a bunch as well- before the industrialization of agriculture the Durango area had plenty of apple trees so I know that it is possible to have them again.

Sometimes it seems too difficult to find everything you want with a local twist, but at least in Durango and probably most of Colorado it isn’t difficult to drink locally.


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