Be Local Coupon Update

Since starting my blog I’ve tried to keep track of the coupons I’ve used out of my Be Local Coupon book. I noted which one’s I’d used and approximate amounts saved.

It is time for an update:

Animas Chocolate Company: 2.25 saved on hot chocolate- and I got to learn how the get the designs on top of the chocolates, very neat.

Durango Joe’s- used two coupons saving about 6$

Grassburger- saved 2$ on a soda pop

Nature’s Oasis- got a free smoothie and a cup of soup- saved 10$

Serious Delights- 1$ off a loaf of bread

Zia North- 2$ on chips and salsa

Maria’s Bookstore- 5$

Honeyville- saved 17$ on honey.

I don’t use the coupons just for the savings, local products can cost more than the commodity version at the big box store, I use the coupons as an excuse to go some place new. Community is important to all of us and it makes the buying experience more pleasant.

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