Chicken math

Currently I have 19 hens, mostly older so I have plans to cull them soon.

I ordered 50 straight run chicks from Murry McMurry, this way I’ll be able to pick the best roosters of each type and stop buying from out of area. These are a grab bag of varieties, the rare and rarest of the rare bulk options. 

I also just ordered 18 straight run from the coop. These will be Amerqunas/Easter eggers, Cockoo marans and golden or silver seabrights. 

So if you’ve been following the math that means, 87 chickens! 

So I’ve decided that at least 10 of the older hens will be culled, leaving the buffs and Ameriquanas. The buffs because they are good mothers and the Ameriquanas to breed. 

So down to 77 chickens. In theory half of the straight run will be roosters and we only have pen spaces for 7 roosters, so out of roughly 34 roosters we’ll pick the best roosters.  Hopefully these will also have hens of their breed, but if not that’s okay. That does mean that we’ll have to rehome or eat 27 roosters. 

This makes our total chickens to 50! Which is more than we currently have but what I feel is reasonable.

These birds will hopefully be the start of my laying flock and breeding stock. Who knows maybe even the start of our own variety of hens.


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