Some where to live

I rent 43 acres of nothing but pinon forest for a small amount each month. No electricity, no running water or sewer, and the internet comes from my cell phone.

I thought I’d take a moment today and explain how community cohesiveness brought me too this property.

In July we moved back to Colorado from Washington State, no jobs lined up, no place to live but a huge desire to get out of Washington and back to Colorado. Long conversations with a friend lead to an offer of staying with her and her boyfriend on his 8 acres. She had a trailer we could live in for free while getting on our feet.

We moved, and found out that he wasn’t as on board with us staying there through the summer as we’d been lead to believe. Living on savings for a month or so while we looked for a place to live was stressful, but eventually we found an old Komfort Travel Trailer (19 feet long) built in the ’70s that we could afford.

Trailer purchased, delivered and the work started just as we were told we needed to be moved out by the end of August.

More long conversations, a new job, and hours of looking online and our friend had an idea. She knew a lady who comes into the wine bar that she works at had some property out by their house where we were already staying.  La Plata GIS gave us a good idea of where the property lines where, and it was only half a mile down the road so an adventure was taken to view the lot.

Empty land, well sort of empty. 43 acres of pinon forest with a bit of scrub oak, no drive way, no improvements really means empty.

The next step was to call the land owners. I’m fairly certain Barb thought it was a prank call, or that I had some odd death wish. We talked about it, yes I knew the land was empty- I’d been out to see if, she has never been to the property in the decades they’ve owned it. More conversations and plans to see the property with her husband (since he actually knew where the lot was).

We met with Tom on a hot day in August, not that Colorado has cold days in August, for a tour of the property. He showed us around and let us know that he had a rough idea of where the corners to the lot where and what they’d expect from us. I’m still convinced they thought it was a nutty idea and the winter would drive us out.

But with a hand shake and a few amendments to the rental agreement we had a move in date.

A location for the trailer had to be picked, a driveway big enough to get the trailer in safely had to be built and we only had a week. But of course we got it figured out and that was just the start of the adventure.


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