Time Bank People- Writing 101

While my blog is about the local economy, it is also about the locals that make up the economy. Recently I’ve joined a Time Bank, these folks tend to be self selected for involvement in the local economy so in general I like them. Because if you didn’t want to be involved in the local community, you wouldn’t offer to do things for others in a moneyless exchange.

Eric and Elizabeth were the first people in the Time Bank that I met, I was rather pleased to find out that I’d be one of the youngest in the Time Bank. I think Eric thought I was nuts because of how pleased I was to be in a room full of mostly retirees, but in the past Time Bank attempts I’ve been one of the oldest and those Time Banks don’t exist any more.

Eric and Elizabeth are the kind of people I want to be when I grow up (the rest of the way since I’m already an adult). They built an earth ship 20 years ago, off grid! They went with solar power and are involved in getting solar to as many people who want it. They have solar hot water, sky lights, a grow dome and a great sense of humor to go with it all. Plus they have two cats.

Eric is involved with a community oversight committee for BP, not because he likes BP or because he hates them. But because he thinks it is interesting. Next month I’ll be going on an adventure with them, a site visit, because he invited me to come along.

Elizabeth is our social connector in the Time Bank, she’s made the most trades, but also she does belly dancing (something I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t really made the time for) and sings. Elizabeth helps us get people involved, she knows who needs what but might not ask.

They have a great love of the way they live, but in no way push it as a choice for others. They both seem 100% comfortable with who they are, as individuals and as a couple. I’m rather envious of them.

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