Missing time

I really have to apologize, I’d starting the #Writing101 class and then well stopped blogging. It’s been busy and I haven’t made time for much other than work.

Life has been even busier (and expensive) than I’d thought was possible.

Highlights have included moving all the chicks outside. (The Layer flock has 17 hens, Social Group 1 has 9, Social Group 2 has 13, Social Group 3 has 16 and Social Group 4 has 13- for a total count of 68 chickens- Social Groups are all straight run so the number will go down in each of those). And getting started on plant starts.

Lowlights include finding out the roof leaks- ruining the floor, damaging just about everything inside and just in general making life difficult. https://pantherandpine.wordpress.com/ will be covering that in greater detail since she did the work.

A difficult to decide moment was the bear stopping by, to try to eat the chicks. Positive light, we didn’t loose any chicks. Downside, we spent almost 400$ in electric fence to keep said chicks safe. (I’m working on a post about the current per bird cost, egg value and future value).  The huge amount of rain we’ve gotten here in SW Colorado has been both nice and horrible- although the snow the other morning made me glad that we haven’t planted anything outside yet.

We’ve had a few great meals at local restaurants recently, which while painful on the pocket book were very tasty. I wasn’t able to use any #BeLocalCoupons but that’s okay. Sometimes you just have to have that great meal out.

At work I’ve made four job placements at local companies, one with a chain store, so I’m not sure the level of chaos will go down soon.

On a personal level, a good friend died after fighting for several years against cancer.

In a super exciting turn of events, I’ll be going to the Red Sea in February, I hope to get a chance to experience the culture there but given my travel partners that may not happen.


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