Too Many Eggs!

I admit I have a poultry problem. Isn’t that the first step? However I’m not in rehab for my poultry problem, however much I should be.

The current number of laying aged hens I have is 16 (we had 19, but we ate one, one died, and one got eaten by a predator). While they are older hens, I’m still getting 9-12 eggs per day which with just two of us is too many to eat.

So I sell a few dozen eggs a week, mainly to pay for the feed. But I’m getting more eggs than I have regular sales for, and more than we can eat. I’ve made the choice that I have some breeds/varieties that I’m not interested in keeping, so either they get eaten or rehomed.. (Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds are at the top of this list).

I’ll be giving 6 hens away next week (9 of my hens were free, the other’s I paid 1$ per, so I can afford to just give them away as the eggs have paid for the feed and the coop is a fixed (and sunk) cost) bringing my laying flock down to 10 for now. It works out that the 10 staying are varieties (Buffs, Amerquanas and two random black hens) that I’d considered keeping, so they probably won’t be eating- just yet.

I’m not sure that having 10 hens (hopefully all laying…) will mean so many eggs. But by September I’ll be up to my ears in eggs again as this years hatchlings grow up, so send on the egg recipes. Bonus points for egg recipes that don’t need an oven. 🙂

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