Pine River Shares

Occasionally I do actually get a chance to go to a meeting I enjoy attending for a cause or organization I like. Today was one of those mornings!

I attended a meeting for Pine River Shares. Their tag line is “When everyone shares no one does without”. I like that message, and it really does focus folks on helping their neighbors. Knowing your neighbors in important for many reasons, most of which are things we can all agree on.

Their parent (pun slightly intended) organization is   La Plata Family Centers Coalition, and I am not in their target market at all as I don’t have kids but I do like what they are doing. I also like what Pine River Shares is doing as they work to get people (mainly people with kids) food and educational opportunities.

One of the neat things that Pine River Shares can do is pay for supplies and also pay the organizer to put on events, so the program is free to the families but the person providing the service actually gets paid. This summer they will be running a free program that will be almost a day camp, but only one day a week, that will get kids learning and making friends. This will also be a chance for those who live too far from the library to checkout books (some of which they’ll be able to keep).

They also do a backpack program for food-insecure families. One day each week kids get an extra backpack full of food to take home for the weekend. This can and does make a difference in their lives. This program will be running through the summer this year AND will have CSA food added to it.

Here is a very real way to impact the lives of people in the community, and those running the CSA. Win-win. Kids get healthy food, farmer sells more produce locally.

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