I haven’t posted in weeks and I don’t have a better excuse than I’ve been busy and not as motivated as I could be to post.

Recently Colorado has been seeing lots of rain, while it is good to have the rain (we had a poor snow year) it is getting old. They’ve even started to spill water out of the reservoirs, which for Colorado is impressive.

On a positive all the chickens are outside and growing up! I’ve even sold some (11 langshens, 3 dominiques, and a barred rock) but of course the cost of the project still vastly outweighs the income.  Related to the chickens, I actually been able to identify most of the varieties- some I’m still not sure on but that’s part of the deal with ordering a mixed pack.

I’d ordered turkeys but since I failed to call the lady back, she sold them to someone else. I’m only moderately put out by this.  Maybe next year, or maybe in the fall? Who knows.

In terms of local spending and the Be Local, really haven’t been in a place to do much spending.

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