Chicken count

This last weekend a chicken inventory was done and the total was 49 chickens.

Very few of those are from the spring hatch that we got, but that’s another tragic story.

7 of those are hens that are going to a friend on Friday (hopefully… they’ve been in holding for two weeks already while she gets things sorted out).

9 of those went to a friend who will eat them.

Leaving us with 33 to over winter, which is about how many we wintered last year.

Of those we have 2 mini flocks and one big layer flock.

One mini flock is 6 Old English Game hens and their Rooster (I’m still not sure what they are, but they are nice looking, don’t eat much feed and lay reasonably well for being game birds). The hens are two varieties and I’m not sure what the rooster is.

The other mini flock contains 3 Blue Wyndotte hens (bought 4 from the 4H kids, but one was eaten), 1 Blue Laced Red Wyndotte hen, and one gold laced Wyndotte rooster.

The main flock is now mainly speckled sussex hens (8?) (how I got those is another story), ameruquanas (8?), a single maran hen, a single astralorp hen, two ameruqana roosters and a maran roosters.

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