Leaves, chickens and money saving

I’m one of those weird folks who picks up bags of leaves/grass clippings that have been set by the curb. I’ve got a few reasons for doing so even if it seems unusual.

I hate the idea that people send these to the landfill. Seriously, composting isn’t that difficult but I get it. Not everyone wants to or has the space. I’ve got the space so it works out for me.

I also have chickens. For those of you who’ve never had chickens, know that chickens love to scratch at stuff. Give them a week in a run and you’ll have a good idea of what the moon looks like! I could buy straw and hay for them to scratch at (and I do, but first it gets used as a wind block), or I could use a free resource (leaves/grass clippings) instead of paying for bales.

I’m also trying to garden in the southwest, meaning I’ve got clay or sandstone to grow in. After chickens have had the winter to pick at the leaves I have lots of free compost to help build my soil.

My car is full of bags of leaves right now, and when I get home today my chickens will be so happy to have more leaves to pick at. It may seem silly but it’s worth it to me.


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