Spending holidays

Yesterday was the start of the spending time of year for many folks. Most people who went out yesterday probably hit up the big box stores for great deals (or perceived deals), which may be good for their pockets but not for their economy.

Today though is #SmallBusinessSaturday, if you’ve still got motivation and ideas of who to buy for; today is a good day to get out there and buy local.  While American Express is funding the marketing plan for this, it doesn’t make it a bad thing. Small business is what makes our communities vibrant. Support them, buy a gift for someone or for yourself!

If today isn’t a shopping day for you (it isn’t for me- yesterday I spun a pound of yarn up, today I’ll be raking leaves for chickens- but I’ll get there), make it a point to buy a few of your gifts locally this year.

Think about giving experiences, not things this year. I can probably list only 10 things I’ve gotten over the years, but I remember the adventures that I got (Mom, thanks for that pass to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium- the aquarium was the best part!).

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