More #BeLocal

Yesterday we had some time in town and as usual that means that we do boring things like laundry, but it also means that I can try to use a Be Local Coupon or two.

Previously saved : $5.70

Sunday saved:

17$ at Kroger’s Ace Hardware (Saw horses that we needed to be able to cut larger sections of wood safely- 50% off coupon)

4.22$ at Durango Coffee Company (BOGO coffee)

2$ at Serious Delights (2$ off a loaf of bread)

5.99$ at Sunnyside Meats (free BBQ sauce with purchase of 2 racks of ribs)

2.50$ at Nature’s Oasis (BOGHO a maganzine)

Total Saved: 37.41$ with the Coupon Book this year.


Since we bought the ribs it meant that we had to eat them all (no electric refrigeration), and it was delicious.  First they were defrosted, then put into the dutch oven (outside in the fire pit since we also don’t have an oven) for about an hour and a half, then finished over the fire. We only managed to eat a rack of them last night so this morning we had challah (the bread we bought at Serious Delights) and more ribs!


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