Coupons and updates

I haven’t been blogging but I have been spending money (locally when possible).

Previously I’d saved 47.50$ with the coupon book.

Before leaving for Washington I saved 20$ on a visit to a massage therapist.

7.50$ on a regular massage

9.75$ on bulk spices at Nature’s Oasis

So the new total is 84.75$ saved


Somewhat related, it’s snowing here- lots of snowing here which is good in the long run for our local economy. We’re a ski town in the winter and a rafting town in the summer- and the snow makes those two things possible.

Not related: We went to Seattle by train for the holidays- highlights include having dinner with a real rocket scientist, a cucumber margarita in December on Olvera Street in LA, and getting home.

All the chickens made it while we were gone- cold and grumpy but dry and alive so that’s what counts.


Related to local economy- I’m a Kickstarter Junkie! For gifts I tend to go there- sometimes they are cool gifts that get delivered on time- other times…. not so much. Recently I’ve backed a tiny whiskey aging cask, cricket bitters, a mushroom growing kit, and some other things. More on this later.


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