Almost like a new year’s resolution

The 2016 book is expired, and now I have to wait till December for the new one. I’m excited for the new one (I’m reminded that I’m excited each year), its like the start of a new year with only positive outcomes!

Many things have changed since we got the last one, we have a dog (a year old Australian Shepard named Kendall) so we’ve been able to use a number of coupons at the tail end of the year that we didn’t have the option to use last year. We also moved to town- into a regular house with regular house type expenses- so that will open up some coupons for us. We’ve also added people to our household. No, not children. But two adults to whom we are live in caregivers for. It both makes life easier and harder at the same time.

So we are now four adults, four chickens, two cats and a dog! And we are all looking forward to buying local.

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