Two coupons

There are coupons in the book each year, some we never use, some we always use, a few we always say we’ll use (and don’t) and then there is one particular coupon. It’s…. an odd one.

Durango Magazine, a twice a year mailing, always has coupon for a free subscription.

Every year I’ve sent it in, and they’ve never sent one to me. I’ve tried again this year- maybe this will be the year! 

Here is the coupon prior to being mailed yesterday.
One coupon we always use (maybe because it’s a category of coupon we always use) is one for Wagon Wheel Liquors. While naps and chores were happening this afternoon I snuck out and went to replenish the booze! I got 10% off my vodka (made in Colorado) and 5% off my cider (made in Washington- my home state).
8$ saved on purchases that we would have made already- so true savings. 


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