Spinning yarns

I’m a spinner, not the bicycle kind or anything athletic, but a spinner of wool/fiber.

Word has gotten out among some of my fiber friends and bags of roving and fleece have occasionally appeared on the doorstep. Not the worst thing to find, but a storage issue none the less- plus playing “what might this critter have been” isn’t always my go to for an evening.

And since I’ve been spinning a few bumps of Navajo Churro that were gifted to me. Before finishing it up I decided to clean my wheel (sorta) and check the balance of it.

As I was putting the drive band back on I figured something out, what I’d always assumed was the slowest ratio (my default) is in fact the highest ratio on my wheel. I learned to spin with 100% alpaca on the highest ratio on my wheel- I’m an idiot! It certainly explains why I had such a rough time getting the hang of it, and why it’s difficult for people to learn on my wheel.

So 4 or 5 years later I’m still learning how to use my wheel. 🙂




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