Economic driver: aka Kendall the Dog



Less than a year ago we added a rather expensive economic driver to our lives. Her name is Kendall and she is an Australian Shepard- so energy and intelligence go hand in hand. Without things to do and new experiences she’ll get bored and distructive.

I hate to total the amount we’ve spent on her. I know it’s well over 2,000$ and probably close to 4,000$ including her purchase, spay, and other expenses.

That’s a lot of money spend- mainly we shop at the Pet Haus a local business who has everything we need.

Most everyone in this town owns a dog, or three. I can see why we have so many great pet stores, and the impact on the economy has to be great as well.  Honestly it seems a wonder we made it ten years without getting one.

What’s the name of your economic driver?


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