Coupon updates

Got a note back that one of my coupons have been accepted. Durango Magazine sent me a post card with confirmation that they’d received it. It’s a biannual publication, so I won’t know till July if it actually worked. But that’s 11$ saved (running total of 18$ saved).

Took a coupon to San Juan Basin Health- the nice lady didn’t have a clue what it was for (free stress reducing/mental health kit) or what to do with it. So I just gave the coupon to her and called it good. Do no money saved, but a coupon used so it sorta counts.

Had to stop at the Durango Library today and borrow a graphing calculator from an old coworker so I turned in their coupon for a free Durango Library Button. I didn’t really wants one but wanted them to know I saw their advertisement. No idea the monetary value of the pin, but borrowing the calculator saved me 60$ or so plus I got a pin.



My goal is to post at least once a week, who knows how I’ll do until Nov 10th 2017 (end of this coupon book).

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