A coupon used and one mislaid

Almost every day is a ‘get shit done day’ at least between the hours of 9 and 3 Monday to Thursday.

Today wasn’t any different but it did include a tasty stop in among the errands.

Between dropping off the donations to the Humane Society Thrift Store and going to Basin Co-op to get straw for the chickens and the garlic patch we stopped for ‘fancy’ coffee at Durango Joes. Using a buy one get one saved 4.75$. Now I know coffee out is expensive but I rarely get to get out with another person to get coffee- so it was a nice luxury- both the time and the company.

On the way home, it was decided that we had to have a new essential oil for the diffuser. That meant a stop at Nature’s Oasis (local small version of Whole Foods) and I decided I just had to have a baguette after all that work. I had a coupon in mind, one for 2$ off any loaf of bread from the bakery. Of course I didn’t find the coupon on the way there and pull it out, I figured I’d just find it at the register because I ‘knew’ where it was. I failed to remember that it’s not under Nature’s Oasis but under Serious Delights (Business inside a Business).  I didn’t find the coupon. 😦  But I guess that’s an excuse to get another one!

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