Holiday spending

I’m terrible at holidays in general, Christmas being one of the ones I’m worst at. Case point: we got married on December 24th without me realizing it was basically a national holiday in the us.

Holidays for most people mean spending, for us it doesn’t usually mean spending extra.

But the two residents we care for love holidays (even the odd ones like “talk like a pirate day”) so we had to do something.

So we bought a tree (with a coupon) that a live plantable tree. This is most certainly the most I’ve paid for a tree that I cannot eat the fruit from. 

We bought no new gifts for the residents, they each get a few small items that they need.

One of our residents bought gifts for family and friends. He bought two copies of the Be Local and a few other locally purchased items.

It’s a small contribution, but we can all shop a little more local each year.
Happy winter holidays! 

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