New year’s pondering

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  How do they turn out for you?

Every year I come up with a few, and well lose interest before the night is over.

A typical New Year’s resolution is to stop drinking: Already done that, although the goal isn’t stone cold sober all the time, so who knows.

Another typical goal is to get out of debt. Got a plan for that to occur between now and March.

Exercise more is another common one, kind of in a sticky spot for that. Snow and a wheelchair makes for difficult exercise, so I’m aiming for more stretching and yoga in my life. 5 mins per day.

Now for the less typical goals:

Moving 10% more of our spending local. Achievable I think: I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Spend 200 hours spinning- finally have a tracking system that doesn’t involve paper that I can misplace.

And that’s it. No deprivation, no huge life altering goals, but that’s me.

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