Weaving attempt #?

I’ve got three looks right now.

The LeClerc table loom is warped for a simple tabby (I think), but has a few broken warp threads I didn’t care to fix. Proof of concept attempt really. 

The Harrisville floor loom is warped for something (2 heddles each shaft 1-4). But while warping it went WAY better. The start isn’t looking great- no idea what is wrong.


Oh well. We’ll keep trying and see how it goes.
On the local front, I’ve been spinning up some very grabby slightly sheepy white roving that was raised only 15 miles from me.

Used a coupon to save 5$ at Sunnyside meats yesterday.

 Haven’t been buying much meet since we still have half  to three quarters of both a lamb and a goat in the freezer; with a whole pig on order for mid January. All 4H critters raised and processed locally.


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