New Year Ritual

Ever wonder how families get weird holiday rituals? 

Our family has a very odd one, the idea came from a girl I used to share an old livejournal community with and here’s our changes to their tradition.

Her family was from the Philippines (or somewhere else where coconuts are easy to get), or at least I think so. It’s been MANY years.

In her family on New Years Eve day, they’d spend the day cleaning. That way when it got dark they could roll a coconut around the baseboards of the house, without touching it with their hands (banana leaves seem to be the thing I remember).  The coconut was supposed to collect all the bad karma/juju that was in the house. Then when it had been rolled around it was tossed into running water (still without touching it).

Our modification of this cleansing isn’t nearly so through- Colorado doesn’t have many coconuts or banana leaves and in some cases not much running water this time of year.

Instead of this we’ve had a coconut sitting on the counter collecting the bad karma/juju. Yesterday was the end of the year so we collected it up in a paper bag and took it down to the river.

We dropped the coconut into the river and hopefully sent all the bad karma from the house away.

And got a new coconut for the new year. Here it is sitting out of the way- so no one touches it.

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