Local meat

Some things are easier to source locally here than they might be in other places.

Here in Durango we’ve got lots of meat producers and a packing plant just south of town.

Yesterday my meat guy called and told me how much my pig ended up weighing (live weight)- almost 50% larger than I expected so my ‘hung weight’ is also going to be that much more. Instead of 100 lbs of meat I’m now looking at 150! That’s a lot of pork.

And while it will be expensive, I’m closer to paying the ‘true’ cost of the meat production than if I bought from the store. Meat should be expensive in my opinion.

I can actually go and meet the family that raised the pig (oddly they often send pictures of it with the wrapped meat) and I can also go and visit the slaughter house where it died. I’ve been out there a number of times, but not to see my own animals processed. Who knows- maybe next year I will.

Southern Colorado is lucky to have a local USDA butcher (Sunnyside Meats) that has an open door policy.


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