Fiber shed

I’ve been spinning for a few years now, and sourcing local fiber processed at a local mill wasn’t an issue until we moved back to Colorado.

Lots of sheep and alpacas, but no mills.

I’ve been buying my fiber from Taylored Fibers in Washington- a small mill near my home town. I call Barry with a dollar amount and some general criteria and in a few days I get a box in the mail.

Last year I helped someone skirt alpaca fleeces and she gave me about 15 lbs of second cuts and/or lower than her preferred quality.

I just got back that fiber. I sent 15 lbs which netted about 10 lbs of finished roving, but Barry no longer does 100% alpaca so I gave him creative license to come blend my alpaca in with whatever he chose.

I got 25 lbs or so back of wonderful roving- in a variety of colors and blends.

In the picture, the new roving is the lower part. The upper part is the roving I already had (about 9 lbs of it)!

Lack of options for roving isn’t going to be an excuse for not making my goal of 100 hrs of spinning this year! I’m still on track for that goal with 28 hrs finished and a snow day today!


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