CSA, a coupon and a fortune

The Be Local Coupon book has a coupon in it for 20$ off a CSA membership at a local farm. In the past we’ve had CSA memberships (some have been great, others… less than local), and really enjoyed them.

So I sent the guy an email asking when he’d be taking names, that was months ago. He’s now taking names (and payments) so I sent in my coupon and my check. Now to wait till June for the first pick up.

Tierra Vida Farms, Durango is my new CSA. Now, if you’ve been following along you also know that I’ve spent nearly 600$ in seeds, 300$ in bees, and am planning a new fence and new raised beds, so my grocery budget for the summer is shot! At least I already have the stuff to make the raised beds, I just need to fill them with better than potting clay soil.

Gardening (at least initially) is expensive if you don’t have quality dirt or fencing (we have mule deer, rabbits, and prairie dogs[added bonus, they carry bubonic plague] who all want to eat my plants).  But there is a hugely therapeutic benefit as well as a carbon benefit in the long run. I guess this means we’ll be staying here another few years.


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