Garden updates

The raised beds are almost done, the irrigation is almost done, the fruit trees are in and the frost season is in theory only two weeks from being done. 

So we gambled and planted everything. 

Now comes the hard part. Not beating ourselves up over not starting earlier.

Of course we are already talking about what next year will look like- what big improvements are wanted. What trees/shrubs to buy. Do we have the lawn re graded and sodded? That’s gardeners for you- never done and always believing we can push the season both earlier and later.
As a result of all this gardening I haven’t gotten my wheel out and I sold one of my looms. 


One thought on “Garden updates

  1. Just a suggestion, but perhaps instead of sodding (à $$ and sometimes iffy proposition) what if you could find some seed mix with local grasses, etc instead? I know nothing about where you are, but I do know it worked well here (at just under 1000′ elevation and 3,000km slightly up and over to the east; ) where several weeks of summer drought is normal… After a light scuffling of the soil, we broadcast a drought-tolerant mix of 2/3 grass seed and 1/3 short clover, which allowed the preexisting plants and seed (much of it native species of Tall Grass Prairie) to mix cheerfully together and be tough enough to regenerate every year: )


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