Updates and funerals

Spinning has been happening. Not on the Louet- my temporary crowns have been bothering me so I’ve been going the easy route and just using the Ashford. Up to 70 hours of spinning this year.

Susie died a little over a week ago. Usually I’m done with my role after the body is picked up, but Susie was a special case. She left S (her nephew who is one of my residents) the contents of her house and me a percentage of the sale of the house.

Thankfully this week is spring clean up (the city hauls anything you put on the curb to the landfill), so no/low tipping fees associated with the house clean out (it was built by Susie’s dad 54 years ago).

We are having a ‘Karma sale’ or a pay what you can/want version of a garage sale on Friday and Sunday. The goal is to raise enough money to bridge the gap in finances that will exist until the house sells.

Her funeral is on Saturday.

Harris died on Wednesday. His funeral is next weekend. He still has living family so no need to help there, but I’ll miss him.

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