Cat math

Technically my household contains 6 chickens, 4 adults, 3 cats (only 2 belong to us), and 1 dog. The chickens are pretty normal chickens. The adults are a mixed bag. We are live in caregivers for the other 2. The 3 cats are... well special in their own ways. The oldest is a big orange … Continue reading Cat math


In the last two days I've plyed and skeined for 6 hours and 45. And it was all ONE blend- 54% local alpaca and 46% purchased corridale/merino. It worked out to 10 full skeins and one shorty.  That brings my year to date total to 83 hours and 45 mins. Only 16 hours and 15 … Continue reading Plying


So far the new fruit trees are alive, which given the bizarre weather seems a stretch I'm pleased to note that one even has fruit. Granted it's one of the "death" trees (more commonly known as peach trees. But none the less I'm pleased with it.   The wild chokecherry is setting fruit too. And … Continue reading Fruit 


I went out to help a friend with shearing her alpaca herd today (shearing team does the actual shearing but the rest of us help out) and came home with a whole black fleece, a fawn/tan fleece, a white fleece and a bag of what might be two more white fleeces.  Humm, where to stash … Continue reading Shhhhh


I have many excuses as to why I'm not caught up on my personal spinning goal. I'm at 56 hours for the year, which is only about 4 hours behind for this point in the month.  But really it's the nice weather and all the projects that go with that weather. Of course it did … Continue reading Excuses


I haven't blogged or used a coupon in what feels like ages. Spring is possibly here and that has meant lots of work around the house. But the other day on a whim, I stopped and picked up ice cream from our local creamery (Cream Bean) and used their buy one pint get one pint … Continue reading Coupons