While we never really got winter here in Colorado I can officially say spring is here. Why? Because I got two eggs from the hens today (and I do no supplemental lighting). It will be so nice to have eggs again.



Weekends are both the hardest and easiest part of our lives/job. But I took a few minutes to watch the sunset from the back porch.

Unicorn Poo

I started on the Unicorn Poo fiber blend today. It's a gift for a friend- I'd never pick this fiber for myself. She wants this as a three ply yarn. I've got a single bobbin done so far.

30 Miles

We went out and processed the back half of our steer today. It's food miles total 30, not sure we can get more local than that! Needless to say I won't become a butcher anytime soon. While I think I did okay, I only did okay. Which is fine when you primarily want roast, stew … Continue reading 30 Miles